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Our Books are written by Dr. James, an Economics Professor who has taught Economics at all levels in Colleges and Universities for about 50 years. During his long career, he has encountered numerous problems that students encounter. That's why he has started writing Ebooks that are especially suited for Students. In his Books, he is teaching Students how to understand & process Economics in a way that every professor wants.


We have noticed that on numerous occasions, Students obtained low grades, not so much because they were unfamiliar with the relevant material, but more so because of their inability to utilize the information they had to solve problems and answer questions. It was clear then, that if students could be taught how to harness the information they possess and use it to answer questions and solve problems, their grades would improve significantly.


The high cost of textbooks has placed many Students at a disadvantage. The main purpose of our Ebooks is to make Economics more easily accessible to Students and others who may have an interest in the subject. That's why we have made our Ebooks Cheap and Affordable to anyone. More Ebooks & Free Resources are regurarly added to the website, so don't forget to keep ur regularly. Also, follow us on our social media accounts for more updates.

Elijah M James

Author spotlight

I am Dr. Elijah M. James. I have taught Economics at all levels in Colleges and Universities for about 50 years. My objective is to help you to succeed in your Economics Courses, and I know precisely the type of assistance you need to be successful. I am also aware of the big dent that the costs of textbooks will place in your education budget. That is the main purpose of our ebooks is to boost your grades in economics and to do so at a fraction of the typical cost. Our ebooks provide a unique way of helping you to learn Economics. We are your partners in Economic education.



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