Introduction to Microeconomics Problem-Solver


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Introduction to Microeconomics – Problem-Solver gives you access to more than 2,250 economics problems/questions with full answers and explanations, including:

  • 548 Essay problems
  • 624 Multiple-choice questions
  • 590 True/False questions
  • 405 Completion questions

Ebook Size: 757 Pages


Microeconomics is a fascinating branch of economics. It deals specifically with the behavior of individual economic units such as households and firms and with the allocation of resources. This book, Introduction to Microeconomics Problem-Solver is written specifically for students taking college/university courses in introductory microeconomics, but students taking intermediate microeconomics courses will also find the book helpful. No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed, and the book can be used in conjunction with any major text in Microeconomics principles. The book contains various types of questions (essays, multiple-choice, true-false, and fill-in-the-blanks) with answers and guides to lead you along. Here is your chance to boost your grades in economics by using Introduction to Microeconomics Problem-Solver.

The idea of a grade booster series in economics originated with my own observation of my students. I noticed that on numerous occasions, students obtained low grades, not so much because they were unfamiliar with the relevant material, but more so because of their inability to utilize the information they had to solve problems and answer questions. Discussions with colleagues quickly confirmed that they too were witnessing the same phenomenon. It was clear then, that if students could be taught how to harness the information they possess and use it to answer questions and solve problems, their grades would improve significantly.

The main purpose of Introduction to Microeconomics—Problem-Solver is to help you, the student taking an introductory course in microeconomics, to improve your grade. By studying the problems contained in this book, you will acquire confidence in attacking problems, your fear of economics will diminish, you will better understand the principles and concepts discussed in your textbook, you will be able to apply them in different circumstances, and you will learn how to answer economic questions and solve problems in tests and examinations.

Through Introduction to Microeconomics—Problem-Solver, you will learn to properly organize economic information into answers to questions; you will learn a step-by-step procedure to solving economic problems; you will develop the ability to think clearly, and all these will translate into a better grade in your microeconomics course.

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