Macroeconomics Cases and Scenarios


Outstanding Features
The following are some of the outstanding features of Macroeconomics: Cases and Scenarios:

  • Highly interactive and student-centered
  • A novel and effective use of cases and scenarios to learn economics
  • Verbal skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills are developed
  • The approach emphasizes the relevance of economics in students’ lives
  • Visual aids (graphs) are used extensively
  • Designed to be used in any English-speaking country
  • Unparalleled for help with test and exam preparation.

Ebook Size: 202 Pages


This book is designed to give students a more comprehensive grasp of economics. The advantages of the case method are well documented. The cases and scenarios that comprise this book place the student in possible economic situations where he or she learns not just economic jargon and theory but is also given opportunities to apply theory in providing solutions to possibly real economic problems. Economics comes to life in the various cases and scenarios provided, and very importantly, students perceive the importance of economics in their own lives, present and future. Every effort is made to ensure that the student is deeply involved with the material and that a high level of interest is maintained throughout.

Macroeconomics: Cases and Scenarios is intended primarily for students taking courses in introduction to macroeconomics, but students taking intermediate macroeconomics will also find the book to be very useful. Though not intended as a stand-alone text, it is possible to use this book as the main text, supplemented by other relevant material.

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