Microeconomics Books Bundle

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This Microeconomics Bundle Includes:

Introduction to Microeconomics Problem-Solver  – $11.99

Microeconomics Cases and Scenarios – $8.99


Introduction to Microeconomics Problem-Solver

Short Description:

Introduction to Microeconomics – Problem-Solver gives you access to more than 2,250 economics problems/questions with full answers and explanations, including:

  • 548 Essay problems
  • 624 Multiple-choice questions
  • 590 True/False questions
  • 405 Completion questions

Ebook Size: 757 Pages

Microeconomics Cases and Scenarios

Short Description:
The following are some of the outstanding features of Microeconomics: Cases and Scenarios:

  • Highly interactive and student-centered
  • A novel and effective use of cases and scenarios to learn economics
  • Verbal skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills are developed
  • The approach emphasizes the relevance of economics in students’ lives
  • Visual aids (graphs) are used extensively
  • Designed to be used in any English-speaking country
  • Unparalleled for help with test and exam preparation.

Ebook Size: 152 Pages

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